Code Walk-through - Indexing

On December 21st we recorded our first code walk-through session. This session focuses on a very simple application which indexes a single document. We step into the Bluge code and discuss the important details behind the indexing process.

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Video Introduction to Bluge

On September 29th we released the first developer preview of Bluge, and my sponsors were invited to join a video introduction, followed by an open discussion. The presentation portion of this was recorded, and is now being made available to the public.

Two more introductory sessions are planned, the next one focusing on the completely rewritten aggregation framework. Become a sponsor to secure your invitation to these calls.

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Site Search Powered by Bluge

You can now search the Bluge Labs website, and it’s powered by Bluge search technology! Why am I so excited about this one new box in the menu? First, I think it’s a really important milestone for the Bluge project to be able to self-host it’s own code for searching the documentation. Second, the implementation is significantly cleaner and easier to maintain than our previous attempts to make the blevesearch. [Read More]

Bluge Developer Preview

Today we flipped the switch, and the Bluge repository is now open to the public. Bluge is open-source and distributed under the Apache License 2.0. No launch ever goes completely smoothly, so please be patient while we wire up all the continuous integration and get the badges updated. Sponsors of my work were invited to introductory session this afternoon, and the initial response seems positive. A recording of the session will be made available in the future. [Read More]

Introducing Bluge

Search is an important part of the Go ecosystem, as evidenced by the popularity of the Bleve project. Over the summer, I created a new open-source indexing and search library for Go named Bluge. Bluge is built on the same core technology of Bleve that many companies use to power their search features. I’ve applied my experience building and maintaining Go code for the last eight years to transform Bluge into something I consider a more solid foundation for the future. [Read More]

A plan to release Bleve v1.0.0 and adopt Go modules

Bluge Labs has been up and running for a few months now, and I’m happy to finally be able to share one of the major projects I’ve been working on. Bleve has seen wide adoption despite never having an official v1.0.0 release. Additionally, in the past year Go modules have matured, and the community has increasingly requested proper support from the library. This is our proposal to address both of these issues. [Read More]

Day 0

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